Shorter Aimee Groth: “Work sucks.”

It sure does, Aimee.  It sure does.  Let me make it even worse for you: that oh-so-horrible Starbucks job that nearly snapped your soul like a rotten twig?  The ones that caused you permanent mental scarring, apparently? Yeah, about that… ten bucks an hour, eight guaranteed hours a day, two ten-minute breaks in addition to the half-hour for lunch… wow.  When I worked for the Scotsman I got a half hour for lunch, no other breaks, and made just barely above minimum wage.  For seven years.

Shorter Moe Lane: piker.

(Via AoSHQ Headlines)

Moe Lane

PS: I especially enjoyed this bit, in a vicious sort of way:

Just as I was tempted to remind my coworkers that they were new once, too, I wanted to tell customers that I was way over-qualified for this job, and hoped they’d see me on the street in normal clothes, not in khakis, a black T-shirt, bright-green apron and baseball cap.

There’s just something entertaining about watching somebody else writhe in self-induced shame because strangers might see her as being one of those people.

9 thoughts on “Shorter Aimee Groth: “Work sucks.””

  1. 1- When I was doing security I was doing 80-hour WEEKS. I got one day off a month, and half the time I was on call and had to go back in.
    2- Speaking as a customer: No Aimee, I don’t give a rodent’s hindquarters how “overqualified” you think you are or how you think you look in street clothes. All that matters to me is the service you’re providing me right here, right now. And if that’s not up to par then I guess your degrees don’t make you smart enough to serve coffee, do they?

  2. $10 an hour! With health insurance after three months on the job? Bugger me, I didn’t have it that good when I was working an inventory supervisor for Borders, and I had years on the job and, you know, RESPONSIBILITY! After I got laid off when the company went under, I was thrilled beyond thrilled to find a job as a security guard pulling in $9/hour with no benefits. Geez, for the kind of compensation Ms. Groth got at Starbucks, I’d shovel s&%t with a smile!

  3. I agree with you Mike, I’ve had some crappy jobs being paid under the table for less than minimum wage and been Happy to have it. Anyone who talks down a ten dollar an hour job has never had to work for less and doesn’t know what hardship means.

  4. Dear Aimee,
    Congratulations and welcome to this place we call “real life.” Sure it sucks sometimes, but there are lots of opportunities to grow. Like the one you squandered in that essay.

  5. Expanding on Cameron: I’d hate to be Aimee, applying for a job… and having this essay come up first on her prospective employer’s Google-search of her name.

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