#rsrh Frank Lautenberg’s staff’s running scared?

It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest – and neither does the news that Lautenberg came out of the blue and nominated Sen. Schumer’s brother-in-law Kevin McNulty for a federal judgeship.  The ironic bit is that there’s nothing really wrong about giving McNulty a federal judgeship (well, no more than there would be for any other Democrat): the man was an assistant US Attorney when younger and people aren’t objecting to him on principle.  But the timing and suddenness of it all is raising eyebrows.

Personally, my first guess would be that somebody in Lautenberg’s staff realized that they’re working for an 86 year old Senator in frail health, and that after November of 2012 there’s likely to be a sudden glut in the supply of Democratic Senate staffers for the job market.  So best to shore that re-election now and hope the old guy lasts long enough for the economy to pick up again, right?

…What?  Everybody else was being cynical about this.

(Via Hot Air Headlines)

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