#rsrh CA Greenhouse gas law fast-tracked for USSC overthrow.

I’m assuming that, you understand: but, given that portions of said law have just been declared unconstitutional (live by the Commerce Clause, DIE BY IT, ye progressives) by a federal judge; and given that it’s about to hit the 9th Circuit Circus, which means that it’ll be overturned on appeal; and given that the reason why we in this business call it the “9th Circus” in the first place is because the Supremes always seem to have to swoop in and smack them around a bit… well. It’s not the most unreasonable assumption in the world.

Via Twitter (annoyingly, it’s hard to properly link to there on the iPad).

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  1. Fun fact of the day: no matter how personally amusing you find it, referring to it as the 9th Circus in a law school classroom engenders you to neither your classmates, nor the professor. Not that I acquired this knowledge personally or anything…

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