Are we… living in a sports movie? [UPDATED]

Let’s review the evidence:

  • The Broncos go 1-4 in their first five games, putting them in the cellar and making it look completely unlikely that they’d make the playoffs.
  • They bring in Tim Tebow, a devout Christian and controversial choice.  For example, lot of people keep noting that he can’t throw passes.
  • Tebow wins one!
  • Tebow loses one.
  • Tebow then wins six in a row!  The words ‘Divine intervention’ and ‘No f*cking WAY’ are often heard in the background, as typically Tebow keeps winning by somehow ripping victory from the jaws of defeat in the fourth quarter.
  • The NFL then apparently figures out how to beat the Broncos, because they lose the next three in a row.  Incidentally, Tebow’s passing game improves throughout this.  But, oh well, 8-8 record.
  • But wait! That last loss doesn’t deny them a playoff shot, because there’s a wild card slot, and another team lost, too! [UPDATE: I’ve since been told that the actual situation was a bit more complicated, involving three-way ties.] The Broncos are still alive!
  • And… facing the 12-4 Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • The Broncos take the lead!
  • The Steelers make it up in the fourth quarter, making the game tied!
  • And… Tebow – the guy who cannot throw passes – wins the game in 11 seconds in overtime with a pass and run that takes it all the way across the field.

Frankly, at this point we are already getting a good sports movie out of all of this.  I can’t imagine what the football world is going to react to the Broncos getting any further in the playoffs.

15 thoughts on “Are we… living in a sports movie? [UPDATED]”

  1. But if I was writing this movie, I would end it right after this game. It honestly doesn’t matter if the Patriots beat the Broncos at this point, for I bet you a million dollars that we have already seen THE game of this post-season. I dare you to tell me otherwise.

  2. As a lifelong suffering Lions fan, I still laugh at the NFL calling the Lions/Broncos game a match between Good and Evil. Of course in that game evil prevailed because good is dumb.

  3. I’d love for one just one more win. The idea of all the “experts” having to choke down a Tebow win over St. Tom the Divine….

  4. BG5, that’s the way the first “Major League” ended, needed the sequel to win it all…

    /lifelong Broncos fan.

  5. Green Bay has been angling for the “America’s Team” moniker for awhile now…working to steal it away from my Boys in Dallas. I would not mind a [pseudo-]America’s Team vs. God’s Team Superbowl. Couldn’t write a more emotional finale for a sports movie. Bonus points too for the Superbowl being played in a stadium sponsored by an oil company. (/Appleton-WI resident and transplanted Texan)

  6. Actually, Denver didn’t get a wild-card spot, those went to Pittsburgh (lost tie-breaker with Baltimore for division title) and Cincinnati. Denver at 8-8 won a 3-way tiebreaker with Oakland and San Diego for the West division crown. Kansas City was also in the mix but finished 7-9.

  7. Hollywood usually doesn’t make conservative movies like this one… if Tebow were gay, or got his underage girlfriend pregnant and she had the baby, or if all the athletes were blue aliens and the goal was to defeat evil corporations, or someone the bronco’s winning resulted in real bronoc’s being freed from captivity- then maybe Hollywood would make this movie.

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