Introduction to Mia Love (R-CAND, UT-04 PRIMARY)

Mia Love is the current Republican mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah: she kicked off her bid today to be the Republican candidate for Utah’s new Fourth Congressional district.  Mia’s running on basic small-government principles, focusing on government being often the problem, and not the solution, to our problems.  She’s got a fairly crowded primary to deal with, and will be facing a transplanted Jim Matheson (who got redistricted out of his seat) if she wins the primary, but it’s Utah and Mia’s a pretty straightforward conservative Republican across the board.  Public defender of the Tea Party, too, and her campaign is definitely interested in grassroots outreach.

Her kickoff video is after the fold:

Oh, yeah, forgot: she’s an African-American.  Irrelevant to us, of course – but expect the DCCC to go absolutely insane if she ends up being the nominee.  Her gender, party affiliation, skin color, temerity in challenging an incumbent, and probably her religion (yup, Mia’s a Mormon) will cause the Democrats to completely meltdown in response.  They not only won’t be able to help themselves: they may not even be consciously aware of doing it…

Mia’s main site is here.

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