An inevitable Tebow-themed post.

Allahpundit says something interesting here about Tim Tebow:

I like him because I like underdogs and because he plays with heart even though he’s far from being a top-tier QB — far enough, I think, that he probably won’t be a starter for long.

Now, I don’t follow football all that thoroughly, and even when I was more interested in it I was never as into it as my little sister was and is (to be fair, she knows the game).  But… taking a 1-4 team and leading them to a playoff slot may or may not make somebody top-tier, but surely it allows for a certain amount of job security, yes?

I am cheerfully certain that I will now have it explained to me why the answer is actually quite often ‘no.’ Fair enough.

11 thoughts on “An inevitable Tebow-themed post.”

  1. Anyone who can reduce that many people to a frothing, rabid rage because he dares to be religious and not feel the need to apologize has my respect. Not only that but he seems to take it all with a shrug and then gets back to doing his job.

  2. If Tebow isn’t a starter going forward it will have everything to do with his play. Which has always been the case. The Broncos management may have played Tebow to quiet the fans, hoping he would bomb, but it seems the coaching staff and management have bought into the guy can be a starter.

    As a young QB in the NFL it also takes a bit of luck in how you develop. Tebow so far hasn’t been fortunate in that area.

    1. Oh, AP’s all right. He’s just a… somewhat pessimistic fellow; which makes his Humpbot posts a joy to read.

      As for the NFL… true, it’s a tough sport to stay prominent in.

  3. Rob,

    Those days of trolling for traffic hits may come to a quicker end than people realize. After all, to take an example from the sports world, you may have noticed that Erin Andrews is featured…MUUUUCH less often than in the past, and that her supposed “replacement blonde” Jenn Brown is nowhere near as featured as “Erin Pageviews” was.

    Moe, you do realize that NFL stands for Not For Long, right?

  4. @Brad….and I am NOT happy about that particular turn of events. EA has long been a favorite.

  5. I will say that Tebow’s bad throwing mechanics could possibly be correct. Since he in no way appears to be an uncoachable diva, I’ll see what the future holds for him.

  6. A. Rodgers of the Packers also changed his throwing mechanic over the course of his first 3 years, directly as a result of coaching input. While Tebow’s is more… unique, I don’t think that he’s uncoachable.

  7. Even if he threw the ball Granny style to people, as long as he completes the passes that count and wins games then he will get the start. It may not be pretty, it might be kinda lame to watch, but its all about who walks off the field a winner at the end of the match. Look at Rex Grossman for Chicago. He was a terrible passer but the defense kept them in games and gave him the opportunity he needed to get 2-3 completions and score a TD. And because he did help get them to a Super Bowl they kept him in there the next season (to their own detriment). The flip side is a team with a flashy quarterback that is exciting to watch, gets signed to 7 year contracts, and yet never wins in December; *cough* ROMO!

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