Project Veritas stings New Hampshire Voter ID-less laws.

And I hope that they have good lawyers. REAL good lawyers.

Contrary to Matt Lewis, this is not unbelievable. This is why we insist on Voter ID laws.

To summarize the video, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas sent a couple of people to New Hampshire primary polling places claiming that they were individuals that had actually died in the last couple months. They were, of course, secretly filming the proceedings… and came away with footage of multiple occasions where the poll workers let them have the ballot. Note, by the way, that every video clip ends with the Veritas people giving back the ballot without actually voting: I don’t know whether that will actually protect the group from being accused of voter fraud, but then that’s why we have a court system. At any rate, the video ends with some poor sacrificial lamb of a ward coordinator confidently assuring the Project Veritas people that nobody could get away with what the Project Veritas people just did.

Now, let’s be clear: those nice old people running the polling stations? They’re not actively involved in a secret conspiracy to defraud the voting public. They’re instead volunteers who are not only not obligated to require photo ID from voters; they’re actively forbidden from asking for any. And they’re using printouts, not computers, which means by definition that the records are going to be out of date. And that means that if you want to double-vote in New Hampshire, all you need to know is the name and address of somebody still on the voting rolls who you know isn’t going to vote.

Which we knew already: but it’s instructive to watch, yes?

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6 thoughts on “Project Veritas stings New Hampshire Voter ID-less laws.”

  1. Yes, the inevitable response will be, “the only vote fraud happening is what you wingnuts are committing!”
    Never mind the ACTUAL evidence…

  2. Eh-vee-dens? EH-VEE-DENS? We don’ see no steenkeeng eh-vee-dens….

    (that’s for you, Rob C. 😉 )

  3. Last year I cast my first ballot in Florida (in the primary for Marco!) and I was shocked to find out that I needed to show an ID. Of course I had it on me like 99.9% of the of-age population. And I had to show it again when I voted in the general election.

    Apparently it turns out that since 1977, Floridians have had to show ID to vote, and no one can point to disenfranchisement for that (we just have absentee ballot fraud to counter).

  4. Florida also has the problem of people voting in New York, flying to Florida and voting again. IIRC, dozens of people have been caught doing that in recent elections, and John Fund estimated that many more weren’t caught.

  5. Pubilus: you also get that a lot in college towns; nonresident students send in a write-in ballot and then get in line at the voting booth closest to campus.

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