#rsrh QotD, From the Mouths of Tavis Smiley/Cornell West Edition.

There’s a lot of damned nonsense even in the portion of the interview that I watched before the eye-rolling got too bad – Cornell West was in it and not being constantly mocked, to give you an idea of how non-serious the whole thing was – but Tavis Smiley did in fact raise one interesting point:

“This White House,” Smiley observes, “more than any in recent memory to me at least, this White House does not like being critiqued. They don’t like being criticized. They’re very temperamental about this. Especially from black folks.”

No!  Really?  Sorry about the sarcasm, there – but the truth of the matter is that the current President of the United States has never had to learn how to handle either critiquing or criticism; and he’s surrounded himself with people who don’t know how to do it for him, either.  So of course he and they are bad at either.

I would have spent more time expanding on the theme of the above paragraph: but, oddly enough, Disney has already done it for me.

That’s Barack Obama.  Right there.  And he’s not currently scheduled for any kind of character-building talking-llama transformative exercise, so the Democrats are kind of stuck right now.

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “#rsrh QotD, From the Mouths of Tavis Smiley/Cornell West Edition.”

  1. You missed your calling Moe. Mort Sahl had nothing on you. each and every time I read you I {at least} chuckle. Don’t ever change, if it can be helped.

  2. The thing I look forward to most this upcoming election season is the White House responses to the mocking and critiquing that will (well ‘should’) be unleashed upon it.

  3. The only person more humor-impaired than Barack Obama is his wife. And she needs to leave those eyebrows alone. *Phew*—(Levin voice) “That’s right! I said it!”

  4. Moe, I your got nothing to add to the observation. Kid shows sometimes preach different truths then people would like, if they understood. (The fact that they don’t understand, well, that just makes it funny!)

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