#rsrh Have we found an #occupy movement *too* stupid…

…to be allowed to auto-Darwinate?  You make the call:

Saturday marks the two-month anniversary for the Occupy Fairbanks movement. Instead of the police crackdowns seen elsewhere around the country, the Interior Alaska protesters are contending with punishing cold and local grumbling about the legality of warm-up tents.

Brent Baccala, a 41-year-old self-described preacher and software designer from Maryland, continued his vigil at Veterans Memorial Park sporting a donated Northern Outfitters blue suit and matching boots Friday. He slept in the nearby tent as overnight temperature dropped to minus 36, Thursday, three degrees cooler than the record low for that date, set in 1969.

(Via @SonnyBunch) Minus 36.  As I understand it, winter in Fairbanks, Alaska lasts seven months.  I gather that the local Occupiers are somehow impressed with a mental group hallucination that thinks that screaming about imaginary corporate conspiracies is a viable way to spend one’s life, but I’m more curious about whether this qualifies for what the local equivalent is to a 72-hour psychological observation.

I mean, what happens when these people become corpsicles?  Somebody will have to clean up after them.

3 thoughts on “#rsrh Have we found an #occupy movement *too* stupid…”

  1. The true believers remind me of Dervishes. The pursuit of a cock-eyed asceticism, whirling, looking for some meaning–having never been given the spiritual tools to deal with life.

  2. If we could only get them to be as ferverent in their faith as the Skoptsis were in theirs, we’d be golden.

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