Occupy DC throws smoke bomb at White House… AND WAS NOT MADE TO RETREAT?

Just for calibration… back in April of 2009 I attended the DC Tax Day Tea Party; and one of the more interesting moments of that day was when a box was found to have been thrown over the White House fence, causing the US Secret Service to pretty much push everybody out of Lafayette Park.  Never knew who threw the box (obviously, nothing in it), could have been an overenthusiastic protester, could have been a Lefty troublemaker, but hey, rules are rules.

So now I hear that the idiots over at Occupy DC/Congress/whatever threw a smoke bomb at the White House today, as part of a ‘feisty’ demonstration.  That’s what I hear: what I did not hear was that there is any indication that said ‘feisty’ demonstration was immediately picked up and moved somewhere out of projectile range.  Because apparently there’s one rule for middle-class citizens who clean up after themselves, and another for dirty hippie wannabes who have to keep being told not to rape people or defecate on police cars.

Yes.  You’re shocked at that revelation, too.

Moe Lane

PS: Only 3,000 people, huh (assuming you give ’em the benefit of the doubt)? Hey, remember when we all thought that the Left was good at bringing out the crowd?  Amazing what a little practical experience can do to put things in perspective.

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