I feel sorry for Walter Russell Mead…

…he wrote a typically good essay here that won’t move the needle one bit.  Let me be blunt: as long as the Democratic party’s liberal leadership (“blue liberal,” to use Mead’s phrase) thinks that “making a deal” is semantically equivalent to “getting what they want and not calling Republicans sexist racist homophobes to their faces,” then there will be no more grand compromises.  As for the two party’s respective activist bases… well, they hate us, and we despise them; and while I personally may or may not regret the tone of politics these days neither am I going to be a damned fool about it.

But if the Democrats want to run another couple of states into the ground before they want to admit that their current media/political strategy isn’t working, fine.  It’s not like I can stop them anyway.

Moe Lane

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