#rsrh QotD, No Kidding Edition.

As God is my witness, the pun was unintentional.

Any, Megan McArdle, on the Left Just Not Getting  It about why it’s impolite to try to force the Catholic Church to provide financial support for contraception to its workers:

I’ve seen several versions of Kevin’s complaint on the interwebs, and everyone makes it seems to assume that we’re doing the Catholic Church a big old favor by allowing them to provide health care and other social services to a needy public.  Why, we’re really coddling them, and it’s about time they started acting a little grateful for everything we’ve done for them!
These people seem to be living in an alternate universe that I don’t have access to, where there’s a positive glut of secular organizations who are just dying to provide top-notch care for the sick, the poor, and the dispossessed.

I’m a bad Catholic myself.  An awful one, in fact.  But the fact that I disagree with the Church on contraception does not mean that I will tolerate the government bullying her on contraception.  As Megan later notes, the government assists Catholic and other religious organizations in their charitable activities because religious organizations tend to be very good and very efficient about providing them; and, like it or not, the Catholic Church has very serious ethical and moral issues about birth control.

It’s also older than the Left, and fully expects to still be here when the modern liberal/progressive movement consists of footnotes in dusty books.

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Moe Lane

7 thoughts on “#rsrh QotD, No Kidding Edition.”

  1. I wonder what the Left thinks is going to happen here? Do they honestly believe the Church is going to let itself be intimidated into submission by Obama and Sibelius? The current Pope grew up under the Nazis, for crying out loud! If the Democrats think they can compete with Hitler on the intimidation front, they have another thing coming.

  2. The sooner they are footnotes in (or dust motes in the dustbin of) American history the better I will like it. And they accuse conservatives of wanting to run peoples’ lives! BAH!

  3. We could of course insist that the Heathen convert to be able to receive healthcare or an education but I think they REALLY wouldn’t like that option.

  4. I think you’re missing the whole point here. The whole point is to get the Catholic church out of the healthcare business, leaving a gap and a crisis that only Government can fix. While the unlikely event of the church bending on this would feel good to them, that’s not the goal here.

  5. That may have been what they intended but, as usual they EFFed up and left a loophole big enough to drive a truck through. If the Church wants to go Hard Edge it will work. They won’t unlike me they are nice people. Still and all the expression on their faces would be Epic.

  6. Skip: nailed it. I said this all along–the plan is to legislate any and all interfering outside forces away. Government will become the only belief system allowed. Man, a lot of Catholics I know are feeling very foolish right about now. Not to mention pissed.

  7. The thinking was probably that Catholic Democrats and Indys ahd already compromised themselves pretty comprehensively to vote for Obama and the Dems in the first place. Pretty close to what the Dems feel about American Jews, come to think of it.

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