1. I happen to agree with you on this point Moe. When I was younger I went winter camping with the explorers< i over used myself and worried the older people that I might get Hypothermic so they left me to make a fire. I saw a group of deer pass within 10 yards of my location, I showed the group the paw prints to prove I wasn't dreaming. The next day we woke up to find, what I can even now only believe were wolf prints trailing on the path of the deer. Big wolf prints, as big as my hand and I used to be able to Palm a basket ball. I know enough to recognize they weren't any dog prints from the breeds that I'm familiar with, they had to be from a Big Canine or Lupine animal, they had to come from an animal at least 130 lbs in weight. It's always bothered me, there aren't supposed to be any wolves in that area. Yet I saw the tracks. The world is not the same as our minds believe. Have a nice night!

  2. Uhhh, Moe, I’m not normally a PETA type, but Big Bend National Park is not exactly “an area inhabited by humans”. It is, at best, an uneasy and rather shaky intrusion. But yes, the park rangers will kill the mountain lion. It’s the only reasonable way to proceed at this point.

    The other cats already know better. As the article points out, the healthy ones don’t attack people because the odds are against them. It’s only the desperate ones that decide “well, Hell, might as well try it if I’m gonna die of starvation anyway”.


  3. Ric is right, healthy cats don’t go for humans we just aren’t on the menu. I know, I’ve run into Bobcats and Lynx while working various jobs. If a beast goes for human meat it’s in a bad way. Even the wolf in my earlier post passed us by. They have learned that to Kill a Human means your going to die. Not something I’m happy about , just the way it is, I like them more then I like most of us but rules are rules.

  4. “Jumped on its back and started hitting it… stabbed it with a pocketknife”.

    Buy this man a better pocketknife.

  5. Big brass kudos to anyone attacking a mountain lion with a knife.

    We are only at the top of the food chain as a courtesy. And only because we make great offensive tools. If, however, you elect to not carry the tools, well, you are just a fat, slow, monkey with limited climbing ability.

    As an aside, I’m also reminded of Crocodile Dundee… “You call that a knife?”

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