“Whole Lotta Love.”


Whole Lotta Love, Led Zeppelin

Pro-Tip, folks: when you pick a hard-rocking song on the iPod to make you feel a little less like an oldster surrounded by… not-oldsters… anyway, try not to pick a band whose surviving members are all old enough for Social Security benefits.


3 thoughts on ““Whole Lotta Love.””

  1. Mid-70s King Crimson had some nice heavy-metalish stuff too. Prime example: the title track from the ‘Red’ album: http://youtu.be/WziHTTy_MCs


    Disclaimer: KC has a 30+ year history, quite varied (the only common factor has been guitarist Robert Fripp). I find pretty much anything they did after 95 or so pretty tedious, so caveat emptor.

  2. “… not-oldsters…”

    The word you are looking for is “whippersnappers” I’m pretty sure. And one ought to greatly admire any member of a Sixties band who survived to collect Social Security.

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