Nodwick is confused about why Lucas himself…

…is so determined to rewrite history itself and declare that Han did not shoot first  (which, by the way, is in contradiction to the original script).  I suspect that I know the answer, but it’s depressing: George Lucas knows that his only hope for any sort of artistic immortality will be because the Holy Trilogy, and he hates that.  So he tortures his movies because, well, he can.

It’s sad, in its way.  Also: kind of creepy.

Moe Lane


6 thoughts on “Nodwick is confused about why Lucas himself…”

  1. If you wait for the other guy to shoot first your an idiot or you KNOW the the other guys a really bad shot, shooting first is a sign of Respect.

  2. They were sitting ACROSS A TABLE. Greedo would not have to be just a bad shot to miss, he has to be blind and senile. Plus Greedo spends then entire scene with his gun pointed right at Han’s heart…I know this is beating a dead horse, but GEEZ. How old is Lucas? Will his heirs fix this? They Must! Plus, Luke wears white because he is GOOD, Vadar wears black because he is BAD, Han wears both white and black because he is both GOOD and BAD…understand you’re own movie…

  3. Too Sucessful to Be Wrong Syndrome. Also known as Too Sucessful To Be Edited syndrome. The same path that leads Lucas from “What a piece of junk!” to, “What’s a midichlorian?” is the same path that led Anne Rice from ‘Vampire Lestat’ to ‘Tale of the Body Thief’, Stephen King from ‘Salem’s Lot’ to ‘Cellular’, or Kevin Smith from ‘Clerks’ to ‘Red State’.

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