Hey, two days until Blogger Appreciation Day!

Oh, yeah, didn’t you know?  Blogger Appreciation Day takes place every February 29th (so, obviously, it’s a leap year kind of thing); and you celebrate it by… well, of course, by letting your favorite blogger know how much you appreciate him or her.  A little bit of cash in his or her tip jar is also traditional*, and supposedly also good luck for the giver.

Good thing that I mentioned this ahead of time, huh?  – It’ll give people time to prepare.

Moe Lane

*I think that it was Terry Pratchett who noted that traditions have to start sometime.

7 thoughts on “Hey, two days until Blogger Appreciation Day!”

  1. Well I guess I’ll head up to the attic and unpack all the Blogger Day decorations. They’re always such a hit with the kids.

  2. In leiu of a donation (since I have to fix the ones on my blog), I’d like to urge all eleven of my readers to spread the word far and wide. Start sending links everywhere to help promote those unsung and woefully unappreciated bloggers who toil in anonymity ‘neath the lamplight of truth without pants.

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