#rsrh Of COURSE it was a quasi-apology, David Axelrod.

More accurately, as I noted privately the other day, Rush Limbaugh served up a combined “Sorry if you were offended” and “It was a joke.” David Axelrod should be familiar with these species of non-apology apologies, seeing as the Democrats are quite fond of both.  Not that any of this is particularly my problem, since the last time I checked Limbaugh wasn’t running the Republican party, Axelr0d et al‘s tired rhetoric to the contrary.

That includes, pretty specifically, me not caring if anybody else has a problem with this not being particularly my problem.  Take it up with Rush Limbaugh, assuming that you can even get his attention…

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, yes, yes, the GOP is doomed in November because of this.  Tell you what, Nostradamus: since you can tell the future so well then you can just leave me a comment telling me Wednesday’s Powerball numbers.  Sixty million bucks buys a lot of credibility when it comes to claims of reliable precognition.

No, really, Powerball numbers or nothing.  Let’s get some quantifiable evidence for a change.

3 thoughts on “#rsrh Of COURSE it was a quasi-apology, David Axelrod.”

  1. On the Powerball game stick with numbers 10 thru 14 for the powerball, with 11 being optimal. The other numbers tend to be to random for easy prediction.

  2. I just used 2012, Obama’s Birthday, the date of the next innaugaration and Obama’s age. Clearly there were better things I could have been doing with my time.

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