#rsrh Oh where, oh where, has the G-dash-8 gone?

Oh where, oh where could it be?

Ah… they moved the May G8 meeting from Chicago to Camp David. Camp David, where they’re authorized to treat blackshirt anarchists who might decide to assault the site as violent paramilitary irregulars armed with crude weapons (which is what they are), instead of peaceful protestors who are simply motivated by their deep love of Western society generally and the American system of government (which is what they are not).  Not that the administration will ever, ever admit that the promise of domestic terrorist violence this go-round is markedly higher, thanks to the rapidly-souring and already-radicalized Occupy movement*: there’s a difference between being impotent in the face of a threat, and admitting to being impotent in the face of a threat.

I’d say that I can’t blame the administration for not wanting to deal with the hornet’s nest that is your standard blackshirt/antiglobo organized riot, except that it’d be a lie.  Democratic party-controlled cities and states have been tolerating the blackshirts for far too long – and, for the record?  When you start throwing rocks**, you’re no longer engaged in free speech.  You’re engaged in assault with a deadly weapon, and that’s a felony for a reason.

(Via email… and now Pejman has a post up on it)

Moe Lane

*For the benefit of anybody spluttering at that: the best way to prove me wrong about that suggestion is to keep the violence, property damage, sexual assaults, and general vileness down at Occupy events.

**Or Molotov cocktails, but thankfully, doing the latter is an extremely rare act in American G8/G20 riots.

5 thoughts on “#rsrh Oh where, oh where, has the G-dash-8 gone?”

  1. Shucks, and here I was looking forward to the pretty riots, and the resulting Chicago PD response to said riots. They still haven’t figured out that 1968 was a bad year for the Left.

  2. Methinks, Catseye, that there are enough brain cells among more cynical Dems to realize letting leftists riot in Obama’s “hometown”, with Obama’s bully-boy in the mayor’s office, might not be the best visuals…


  3. yeah, a replay of Chicago ’68 would be as big a loser for the Dems as the original was: on one hand here’s a bunch of Dems in uniform looking like brutal thugs; on the other hand here’s a bunch of Dems rioting and attacking cops. Not exactly win-win, eh?

  4. *ssssshhhhh!* Don’t tell the the dipwads that the conference has moved … Maybe they’ll riot anyway!

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