My Rude Political Comparison For The Night.

After reading this Ann Althouse post (via Instapundit) about perpetual Madison protesters cluelessly and deliberately acting low-rent for the camera, the thought came to me: has the entire current progressive protest movement now become some demented, Left-wing political version of the old Jerry Springer show?


Moe Lane (crosspost)

4 thoughts on “My Rude Political Comparison For The Night.”

  1. No changes; they’re just getting exposed. Used to be they acted this way and knew they’d never be called to account.

  2. It has. Occupy Wall Street illustrated the depths of the Left and how they’ve become a circus freak show. On one hand, if this is what the Left has become, then there’s no hope for them. On the other hand, if they have enough momentum and the media on their side, they can come out on top. Very scary!

    Will Scott Walker prevail? Dear God, I hope so, but guess we’ll find out in a few months if all these attacks from the Left and their momentum will carry through.

    Comments anyone?

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