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If I’m not actually outraged at this exhibition of amazingly bad judgement – and, not to mention, taste – by Florida Democrats:

…it’s because amazement and entertained scorn have already taken up all the available emotional space in my head.  Somebody in general thought that it was a good idea to take an American flag and replace the stars with Obama’s head.  Somebody in the Lake County, Florida Democratic party thought that it was a good idea to put up that flag at their headquarters. And, of course, someb – no, wait, we have a name for this one – Lake County Democratic party chair Nancy Hurlburt thought that it was a good idea to actually argue with a bunch of ticked-off military veterans who stopped by to complain.

Ye gods and little fishes.

Moe Lane

PS: We will now pause while the Online Left desperately trolls the internet to find a case where some Republican acted in an equally dunder-headed manner.  Because that’s what they do, instead of admitting that their opponents have a point.  Oh, man, did I type out an inconvenient truth again?  That’s so dreadfully embarrassing…

20 thoughts on “#rsrh OBAMAFLAG!”

  1. To be fair, we do it too (Limbaugh and Maher for example). We just don’t have to look very hard to find it.

  2. Outrage, amazement and scorn aside, the GOP should send a thank you note to the LCDP and Nancy Hurlburt for this own goal. This is so blatantly stupid as to appear to be deliberate sabotage.

  3. Dems seem as clueless now as the did in 2010. Me thinks that the Dems will lose the Senate this time around, and take more beatings down ticket.

  4. The only good point I can see is that they flew the real flag above the altered one. But I am willing to bet that they debated that for a while.

  5. Well, I suppose we should at least be grateful (?) that the Obama flag was flown beneath the American one rather than above (I’m sure there was a little debate going on in her head about that).

  6. 🙂
    I also notice that Mrs. Hurlburt refused the offer of a POW/MIA flag to replace the Obama one.

  7. This election will be a moment of clarity if the parties both play it straight. It will be a battle between two visions of government. Therefore, since both sides are certain that they are right and the other side will cause an end of days if elected, people are going to have to make a choice. Should be interesting.

  8. Maybe my memory is going, but I don’t recall anyone ever putting Rush Limbaugh’s face in an American flag in place of the stars. Link, please?

  9. I suspect they’ll have a hard time. A google image search for “Reagan flag” doesn’t show anything like this. If we were going to do anything like this, it would have been with Reagan.

  10. Never underestimate the power of human stupidity, ignorance and incompetence. Couple any of the three, let alone all three at once, and you have the recipe for disaster.

  11. Waiting for the expressions of outrage from all of those “Patriotic Democrats”.


  12. I live in Lake County and the DEC here is more or less a non-functioning group. This is only one Democrat running for county wide office (at the time of this writing) and I will be running against her if Lake County Republicans approve of me.

  13. Get ’em, Gator !! Take ’em down for a death roll!! (or is that just croc’s?)

  14. Let the Dems continue this bone-headed behavior–it makes a starker contrast; like op-eds in the Times or WaPo that say Americans are too stupid to understand O’s greatness. Yeah, keep that up. “You’re an idiot, vote for me.”
    All the best, BG5–I have family everywhere BUT Lake Co.!

  15. It seems to me that Nancy Hurlburt made the unilateral decision to fly it. If she has any leadership ability , or honor, she will admit to stupidity and step down.

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