“Nobody Home.”


Nobody Home, Pink Floyd

I have heard this song on more crappy stereo systems than I care to remember… no, that’s not true.  I fondly remember them all.

5 thoughts on ““Nobody Home.””

  1. Hate this album. Love a few songs on it, but as a whole, it’s just boring self involved twaddle. But that’s Roger Waters to a “t”.

  2. On the one hand, this album features some of David Gilmour’s best work on lead guitar of his career.


    On the other hand, it kinda loses something when you realize that it’s the story of a guy figuring out who’s responsible for what’s gone wrong in his life, and concluding everyone with the very notable exception of himself is to blame.

  3. I disagree with you Just Dave. I thought that during the the trial, Pink (the main character of the album) had all the characters of his past berate him at length for him being a complete douchebag. Then at the very end had the “judge” convict Pink of all the crimes he committed and then called for him to be exposed for what he truely is, then The Wall comes down and he has to face reality for the first time. I have not interpreted any abolition for Pink whatsoever.

  4. I was able to listen to The Dark Side of the Moon on home built stereo systems that were NOT crappy, being as how they were built by fellow students who later went on to work for well known firms in the industry. Including one who became chief scientist for Creative Labs.

    Unfortunately, by the time The Wall came out, I was on my own, listening on a crappy stereo that I had to buy with my own money. Still, a very enjoyable listen, Moe. Please include more Pink Floyd in your future music choices.

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