“Rolandskvadet (The Song Of Roland).”


Rolandskvadet (The Song Of Roland), Trio Mediaeval


…What?  My wife was doing some research on the origins of this one (the Norwegian metal version is pretty interesting, too).  It’s not all SF geekery around here.

5 thoughts on ““Rolandskvadet (The Song Of Roland).””

  1. Listening to it now, pretty good in weird kind of way. Wouldn’t it have originally been sung by a guy, though?

  2. Have you heard of Corvus Corax? The Cantus Buronus show in Berlin is/was awesome.

  3. Thank you Mr. Moe for bringing these fine ladies to my attention. Remind me of the ladies from Steel Eye Span…
    Thanks again.

  4. Tried to share vid, they have a bunch on you tube. Dulcissima has part concert and other scenes from some of the other songs, but it is a spectacle

  5. Heh, I originally read that title as “The Song Of Poland”, which I thought must be the Polish national anthem or something. Made for confusing google search results….

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