Don’t You Love The Citizens United Case?

I mean, I personally love the Citizens United case. Aside from liking free speech, it seems to be a positive spur to creativity. Check out this latest spy spoof from American Crossroads, with Barack Obama starring as the almost-urbane secret agent trying to fumble-finger the rest of us into giving up our missile defense plans:

For the record: no, really, Vladimir Putin really does go parading around shirtless, and on a horse. (shrug) It apparently plays well in Russia.  As does planning to give away the store on missile defense; which should cheer up the President.  At least the notion is popular somewhere

Moe Lane (crosspost)

3 thoughts on “Don’t You Love The Citizens United Case?”

  1. I love Citizens United because it’s really useful to identify those liberals who don’t actually think about what they’re saying, but instead just parrot whatever they read on dKos or the Puffington Host, or whatever. Not a one of them has ever stopped to realize that if the people making up corporations don’t have first amendment rights, then those first amendment rights effectively don’t exist. a law saying “Newspapers shall make no endorsements within 120 days of an election”. Legal under their theory. “No website taking advertising is allowed to endorse a candidate”. Also legal under their theory.

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