#rsrh On the ‘hand-knitted uterus’ thing.

Background here: essentially, an indeterminate number of pro-choicers are in the process of knitting uteruses out of yarn and sending them to politicians (some out of protest, some out of thanks*) (via Hot Air). I’m… torn.

On the one hand, as the pro-lifers tapped for a hopefully-inflammatory response themselves gently pointed out, people have the right to protest peacefully. Knitting uteruses certainly qualifies, even if there are any number of more useful ways to spend valuable social activist time. Starting with reorganizing your underwear drawer.

On the other hand, letting it get out that your ten year old son is spending his time knitting uteruses is just plain cruel. It wouldn’t have been so bad thirty years ago – after all, learning how to fight dirty is a pretty useful life skill – but schools get incredibly intense about kid-on-kid violence these days.

On the gripping hand most of these things are going to end up looming over Congressional staffer keyboards, complete with posed menacing ‘arms’ and “CTHULHU FHTAGN!” Particularly the ones that have googly eyes**.

Moe Lane

*NO! Stop! Don’t think about that for too long. Trust me on this.

**I SAID, don’t think about that for too long!

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  1. Do i have to mutilate it before throwing it away or can i just toss it. My uterus my choice

  2. This reminds me of an utterly creepy short film I was subjected to this weekend, “Late Bloomer”. Said film combines Lovecraft and 8th-grade sex ed in an extremely disturbing manner.

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