#rsrh So. We have Canada & Mexico mad at us. And by ‘us’ I mean ‘Barack Obama.’

Grim details here: apparently the Transcendently Evolved Intellect that has graced us with his presence in the Oval Office has insultingly provoked the Canadians because of his interference in the way that they can sell oil, while the Mexicans are infuriated at the way that the administration casually put guns into the hands of the narco-terrorists now murdering their way around northern Mexico.

Via Fausta and Instapundit: and may I add that while as a conservative I am in favor of reviving all sorts of traditions, the one about Ugly Americans was not one of them? – But don’t mind me. I’m not the President, after all: I’m instead a citizen who can find his own buttocks in a dark room with a flashlight.

Moe Lane

8 thoughts on “#rsrh So. We have Canada & Mexico mad at us. And by ‘us’ I mean ‘Barack Obama.’”

  1. Wasn’t Obama supposed to change the perception of the U.S. around the world? Seems he’s accomplished that, but not quite like we were told.

  2. Let me be clear: this lack of buttock-fondling cannot stand. There are some who would have us all die, sitting alone in the dark, posteriors woefully unmolested, while others would flood the room with inefficient high-wattage incandescent lights and employ multiple TSA agents with full back-scatter radiation machines and SOPA-equipped rectal probes.

    This sort of rhetoric is antithetical to our collective American experience. Instead, I propose a collaborative effort to supply all Americans with MagLites, Android phones equipped with Google Maps and low-intensity LED track lighting.

  3. Ace has a post up about this, the Canadian PM flat out said its now a situation that can’t be repaired. We’re going to be paying much more from here on out for Canadian oil. Thanks a heap Barack.

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