#rsrh “…Because Excuses Don’t Pay The Mortgage.”

That’s the tagline to this RNC video sampling all those excuses that Obama’s made over the last four years (while telling us that he wasn’t going to make any excuses):

And I gotta say: this is one of their better ones. Not designed for TV, mind you. It’s definitely designed for online viewers, so it can run for a minute-twenty-one and that’s OK. More like this, please. And more thirty-second ones that are suitable for TV. They’re important, too.

Via Jim Geraghty’s The Morning Jolt & Campaign Spot.

5 thoughts on “#rsrh “…Because Excuses Don’t Pay The Mortgage.””

  1. I’d like to see something that specifically takes clips of 08 campaign promises or White House policy pitches and then contrasts them with the actual results. Entitle it “When Incompetence Meets Arrogance”.

    1. Dude. Put something together, then. 🙂 Seriously: they’ve gone great guns in making video editing software easy enough that even somebody like me can use it.

  2. That would be seriously fun. But I have crappy, really really crappy, computer gear. Praying that I get the money this year for a MacBook Pro. Full time job, 5 yr old and 2 yr old girls and about 6 hours a week working with my church doesn’t leave a lot of free time. 🙁

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