9 thoughts on “#rsrh lolwhut [lolwut*]”

  1. “The Internet is our Overlord and we no longer have to think.”
    That’s good, in a way, because I have no idea what to think about that video up there….

  2. Your spelling needs to be much worse, obviously you missed the latest Order of the Stick….

  3. What the funk was that? I think I’m going to have nightmares about that final part…

  4. @MoeLane: Thanks for the posting! Did you watch with the lights off and the bass pumpin’? Scurry! My favorite way to watch it :o)

    @Darin H: Did you see the first Dr. Obamacare video? It’s where that final scene came from, and will likely be our video tag line…

    R.I.P. Herman Cain

    In Sickness and Health; ’til DEATH do us part, I AM:

    Dr. Obamacare

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