#rsrh *Another* video of Barack Obama’s lies and broken promises.

(Via @OrwellForce) The President really doesn’t want you to see the video below.  Or send it around to anybody who isn’t desperately trying to tell him or herself that it’ll get better for the Democrats any minute now.  No.  Really.



For those without video: it’s a collection of the most cutting indictments of Barack Obama’s record; which is to say, a collection of what Barack Obama promised us.  This guy really doesn’t understand YouTube, huh? – And I don’t know why he doesn’t, either.  Obama’s not that much older than I am, and I understand the implications of ubiquitous, embeddable third-party video just fine.

I guess that the President’s just too intellectually rigid to accept that New Media is anything except a fad.  Which is a shame… I guess.

5 thoughts on “#rsrh *Another* video of Barack Obama’s lies and broken promises.”

  1. Man that is cuh-ray-zee…. cut and posted from your post to the google search bar, the link returns “…did not match any etc ..”, but it formatted as a working link in my comment?

  2. Dude, clearly it was the presidents internet czar who removed the space between the link and the beginning of the next sentence in a desperate attempt to deflect attention from that video. (Hey, that’s considerably nearer-fetched than the ongoing assertion that all eight years of the Bush administration were a devastatingly effective conspiracy to preemptively derail Obama’s presidency….)

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