Annnnd the hamsters are back on the wheel?

Here’s hoping.

Also, here’s Mordin.  Because it really was one of the best moments of ME2.

8 thoughts on “Annnnd the hamsters are back on the wheel?”

  1. Noticing some jerking tonight but things seem to be getting better. Your on the east coast so you might be seeing more then me right now. Hope things are better tomorrow.

  2. That may have just pushed me over the top…I think I’m going to purchase the ME series.

    1. jetty: there’s a LOT of stuff like that going on in the corners. And if you play ME2 without loading a ME savegame it’s… well, not a completely different game, but it’s not really the same one, either.

  3. The white guy in the video is the “default” male Shepard (AKA your character).

    I loved that moment. I missed it the first time through, and was blown away when I hit it during the second play-through. (And the 3rd, 4th, 5th…)

    My first two thoughts on finishing ME1 and ME2 were:
    1) That was AWESOME!
    2) I want to play it again!
    It’s a pretty common reaction.

    Buy them and play them, you’ll love them.
    (And I’m sure Moe wouldn’t mind if you ordered them from Amazon through his site.)

    1. Luke: The “It wasn’t easy. I really had to work at it” moment was worth the first run-through, right there. Quintessential Garrus.

  4. Not to mention the “swear along with Joker” scene.

    I have to say, I loved the visits with Garrus in ME3. Those were some great moments.

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