#rsrh And so it ends? Newt reportedly about to suspend campaign.

That’s the word on the Tweet.  Word is that he’s probably going to line up behind Mitt Romney at that time, too.  Well, at least I won’t have to take a stiff drink or two this time to endorse Mitt Romney (which I had to do with John Freaking McCain); which is probably best from a thematic point of view, at that.  And, obviously, we absolutely must get Barack Obama out of office before he does even more damage to the Republic.


No.  That’s it.  We absolutely must get Barack Obama out of office before he does even more damage to the Republic. I politely respect the right of people to be unhappy that this is now the goal, as long as people politely respect my right to have a website which will default to being intolerant of anything that gets in the way of that goal. In other words, I am reminded of this quote from Apollo 13:

Video (autoloads, alas).

“All right! There’s a thousand things that have to happen, in order. We are on number 8. You’re talking about number 692.”

I know that it sucks, but that’s life.

Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “#rsrh And so it ends? Newt reportedly about to suspend campaign.”

  1. We can get rid of Obama, all right, but then we need to take the next step: get rid of all the leftist sleeper agents that have penetrated the Federal bureaucracy and have gone to active status since his election.

    Creepy NorK-esque Hilda Solis posters — gone. GSA overspending — gone. Justice Dept. corruption — gone. EPA — gone. NLRB — gone.

    Can we trust Mittens to do so, root and branch? How best do we accomplish this?

    A LOT of people are going to have to lose their jobs, their cushy, cushy jobs in order to effect this change. I just wish I could believe in it.

  2. I’m giving what little money I can (less because of Obama) to Sen. DeMint’s SCF. If these conservative senate candidates win, they will help not only defeat Obama, but hold Romney closer to conservatives.

  3. It ended when Rick Santorum dropped out. Newt Gingrich just didn’t have the good sense to write the death certificate for his own campaign.

  4. I’d say it ended when he was cheating on his second wife during the Clinton impeachment process. What a self important a$$hat.

  5. Doug Stewart nailed it above. One of the main reasons it took me so long to come around on Romney is that I don’t think he will do the kind of root and branch housecleaning that is needed. Those people have to be gotten rid of, or they will undermine everything he tries to do.

  6. Publius, this is why we need to make sure there are conservative majorities in both houses of Congress. Mitt himself may not be interested (or willing) in doing the necessary chain-sword surgery on the bureaucracy, but I don’t think Congress will have to push him too hard to make him get rid of the bunny inspectors, hellpurge Homeland Security, order Exterminatus on the TSA. and make the ten thousand cuts needed to cut the Federal bureaucracy down to size.

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