#rsrh Hannity guts Occupier on television. It was quite messy, really.

I like Ben Domenech a heck of a lot, but there’s a problem with this argument:

What I would just ask you to take away from this event is that there’s not something about the Occupiers which ought to make people on the right stand up and say “we don’t need to talk to them, we don’t need to address their concerns, we don’t need to listen to them, we don’t need to pay any attention to this cause, there all just a bunch of leftists.” That’s simply not true. And I think that the thing we need to recognize about this is that we do ourselves a disservice if, like the story that Sowell tells, if we just concede the point. If we just give in to the idea that these people are going to be lost, that they’re never going to accept the ideas that we have, and conclude we might as well not waste time talking to them, I think we do them a disservice. We do our generation a disservice by not standing up in making the case that the pursuit of happiness is something that’s good, that individual liberty is something that’s good, that you have a birthright claim—not to entitlements, not to realizing all your dreams, not to a list of all sorts of free things—but to that pursuit.

…and here it is. Meet Harrison Schutlz, Occupy Organizer:

I don’t particularly feel like engaging in paranoid conspiracy theorists who have problems with capitalism. Especially the ones who, frankly, do need to get off of their butts and at least try to get a job. Even the ‘menial’ ones that are ‘beneath them.’ Oh, yeah, Schultz said it: I don’t care all that much for Hannity, but this was a curbstomping. So much so that Schultz will probably be disavowed pretty darn quick.

Sorry about that.

Moe Lane

(Video via Hot Air)

14 thoughts on “#rsrh Hannity guts Occupier on television. It was quite messy, really.”

  1. I don’t like Hannity either and have been secretly hoping they’d put Stossel in his slot or Greta’s or even better O’Reilley’s. Why can’t fox mix up their schedule the way the prime time networks do.

  2. I forgot to add that this was the best I have ever seen Hannity. Even better than some of Rush’s conversations with liberals. He said what we all wanted to say.

  3. Mr. Schultz, you do not have the right to pursue your happiness on somebody else’s dime.

  4. According to him medical care is free! Its all free! If that is so, then who pays me? Did I go to school for a decade, earn piles of debt, grind through a hellish residency and now work 10-14 hour days after 3-4 hours of sleep because I was on call the previous night…for free? Who would do something that stupid? He was so child-like it was almost frightening.

  5. This…person, has bought into the redefinition of “rights” that has been inserted into the English language. Rights are only legitimate if they do not “impose an obligation on anyone else.” Obviously, health care, housing, child care, et al. are not rights, because SOMEONE has to pay for them or perform a service for you to have them. See this video for a complete explanation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrT0kBeld3Q
    It’s Walter E Williams, so definitely worth watching.

  6. Loved Hannity when he was subbing for Rush. I find his radio and tv show a tad over produced. Plus after a full Rush show, who really needs to hear the same stuff over again? I hit up other talk shows that make a point to cover other material or have a much more unique take.
    Still, I like the guy, but I make no particular effort to catch his show.

  7. countrydoc
    May 4, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    “According to him medical care is free! Its all free! If that is so, then who pays me?”

    Cuz it’s all like social networking man. It’s free because we work at pressing the like button and posting lolcat pictures. And so, that like leads to free healthcare and stuff, dude. You just need to listen and learn to understand this because it’s totally mind blowing stuff to think about. [sarc]

  8. The same guy went on Hannity’s radio program today with similar results. I usually don’t listen to him but Jonah Goldberg was supposed to be on, so I tuned in to listen to him and heard this clown instead.

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