#rsrh Donald Rumsfeld’s image used to sell peanuts…

…and it is my devout hope that someday my mere existence will be as annoying to the Activist Left as Donald Rumsfeld’s is.  To answer the question“Why Is Donald Rumsfeld on This Package of Spicy Peanuts?”… because apparently Tyrell’s felt like putting a picture of it on said package of spicy peanuts.  I suggest that Time, well, deal with it.

Not much to add, except that you could downright taste how miffed the author was that the various folks involved with former Secretary Rumsfeld pretty much chuckled over the whole thing.  I’ve never talked to the man directly – I wouldn’t mind interviewing him – but I understand that Rumsfeld’s quite aware of how he had a somewhat unique pop culture presence in the last administration.  This is just more of the same, man.

Via S. Weasel.

13 thoughts on “#rsrh Donald Rumsfeld’s image used to sell peanuts…”

  1. How do I get a bag?
    (II wonder if the spicy english taste is something I’m familiar with, or an unknown . .)

  2. Ed Driscoll loves him some Moe. This is the second post he’s linked today for Instapundit.

  3. I love the comments — “Donald Rumsfeld?! He’s history’s greatest monster!”

    “We aren’t looking for any royalties, though I’m sure Mr Rumsfeld would be delighted to get a box of peanuts. Better yet, the company might send a few boxes to our troops serving abroad.”

    Have you no shame, sir?

  4. The Left can easily overlook murdering millions [see, e.g., Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot] and even lie about the deaths. But, oppose them intelligently and make them look foolish and they’ll never, ever forgive you.

  5. [T]here are known nuts; there are nuts we know we know.
    We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some nuts we do not know.
    But there are also unknown unknowns – there are nuts we do not know we don’t know.

  6. So what should be the next product for Mr. Rumsfeld’s image to appear on? I’d lean towards beer as the obvious choice.

  7. ummi says: May 8, 2012 at 6:59 pm
    How do I get a bag?

    If you’re in most of the US… Go to the nearest groceria or supermercado and look for the “Cacahuates Japones”. The recipe is the same: peanuts with wasabi flavoring. Caliente!

    They’re usually on sale by the register.

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