#rsrh Hey, remember the Shirley Sherrod lawsuit? …No?

Well, don’t feel bad; apparently, neither does anybody else.  Amazing how all that Lefty support for the African-American woman more or less dissipated as soon as she could no longer be used to attack a white male apostate: mind you, I use ‘amazing’ in a strictly post-modern, hipster ironic sense.  Which is very weird of me, personally, but then it’s been a weird kind of day.

That’s it.  This is just me being a pain: as the philosopher once said, it’s my hobby.

2 thoughts on “#rsrh Hey, remember the Shirley Sherrod lawsuit? …No?”

  1. You’ve had a pretty good day today. Thank you for linking that Citizen’s United article. Schadenfreudelicious!

  2. That’s so weird. I was thinking of Sherrod the other day, and how she was used and tossed out–reminded me of Nicky Diaz and Meg Whitman. 16 billion and change later, why—why is California so damn stupid?!?

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