#rsrh Random quotes. Well, they aren’t really RANDOM…

…it’s just that it’s Monday and I am still prying my eyes open.

  • Biden’s speech falls on deaf ears (via Instapundit): “If [Mahoning County [OH] Democratic Chair Dave Betras’s] job is to turn out Obama supporters on Election Day, he may want to check on their allegiances before he buses them to the polls. Many Youngstown attendees at Biden’s event do not support him or the president.” Interesting local-based attack on this administration; then again, local media has never been so much in the tank for the President as the NYC/DC/LA triumvirate is.
  • Booker Blunder Highlights Democratic Divide(Via @RyanGOP): “Meet the Press has lately become a forum of campaign flubs from President Obama’s leading surrogates.”
  • Speaking of which…

This is not promising to be one of Team Obama’s better weeks.

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