Random observation #5443H.

Television commercials haven’t gotten more stupid, but when you haven’t been watching network TV for a while they do become more surreal. And stupid.

6 thoughts on “Random observation #5443H.”

  1. Try watching them with the sound turned off. Watch the faces. Then see if you can tell what they are wanting you to do. In one car commercial it looks like the customers walk off with mad looks and don’t buy a car. ?? They need to make sure they make sense when the mite is on.

  2. I love how so much of the stuff for kids are marketed towards their parents. Subliminaly stating that if you don’t by their junk little johnny will grow up maladjusted and scared of the dark.

  3. I disagree. They HAVE gotten more stupid, even from the same enterprises which once advertised well (or at least cleverly).

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