#rsrh Well, at least Maureen Dowd isn’t… no. That’d be a horrible thing to write.

Let’s just say that it takes a special kind of… outlook on life… to write an article like this.  To summarize: Obama had a horrible week; he’s flailing about and reacting to events, and that badly; he can’t connect with the American people, the country*, and even himself; AND NONE OF IT IS HIS FAULT SO YOU JUST SHUT UP ABOUT OBAMA YOU HATERS YOU JUST SHUT UP ESPECIALLY YOU YOU STUPID MITT STUPID ROMNEY YOU JUST SHUT UP NOW AND LEAVE OBAMA ALONE.

That last bit may be me just interpreting the subtext coming from Maureen Dowd.  It takes skill to complain about a President’s screw-ups without once actually truly blaming the President making them, but MoDo’s up to the challenge.

Moe Lane

*I may be anthropomorphizing there by making the distinction.  I’m aware that it looks weird; it actually looks a little weird to me.  But it still somehow rings a little true.

6 thoughts on “#rsrh Well, at least Maureen Dowd isn’t… no. That’d be a horrible thing to write.”

  1. We can always gently remind MoDo and others that it works both ways. If it’s just too much to bear, he can always abdicate (“resign” being entirely too plebian); Bill Ayers can always get him a job if the pension isn’t enough.
    Yes, Joey. We can survive six months of Joey.

  2. You’re right, Moe. That’s the most eloquent Chris Crocker moment I’ve ever seen.

  3. MoDo is ALWAYS up to that task. And I am always up yo ignoring her. My task is the easier one. And there are other people here besides the American people, so they are not exactly the same.
    Thanks for the help in interpreting the screeds of Ms Dowd.

  4. The observation’s not original to me, but there’s no escaping the fact that in many ways MoDo never really left the clique of mean girls she belonged to in high school.

  5. Ms. Dowd’s writing grates. Her opinion does as well–but the writing style is flowery, yet still manages to be dull as hell. Does that make sense? Eh, more interesting than her columns.

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