#rsrh You’d think nobody’s ever caused a netrooter to flip out before.

The reaction to this has been a fascinating thing to watch, on both sides. Maybe I’m just Old-School, but it’s not exactly shocking to me that there are Left-blogosphere sites that will start screaming at the drop of a hat; this used to happen all the time, you know.  It’s just that the Left-Sphere has been long since gelded into being cheer/yell leaders for the Democratic Establishment, and the Right-Sphere has long since graduated to going after the Democratic Establishment.

For some reason, this just seems to be the epitome of it all:

Forty bucks for a two hour debate?  Dear God but these people are pikers: try one thousand per hour, Sparky, topic set in advance, and keep your hands off of the mute button.  Assuming that I even feel like accepting that, either: after all, it might interfere with my election coverage.


Moe Lane

PS: :shrug: If you don’t think that I’m worth that, then don’t pay me.  Just don’t pretend that I’m cheap.

PPS: I do want to take the time to note that if it weren’t for RedState itself this would never have come up.  I am very fortunate to have a big, honking megaphone – and making that megaphone was a collaborative effort.

PPPS: But if you feel like merely rewarding me I wouldn’t say no.


16 thoughts on “#rsrh You’d think nobody’s ever caused a netrooter to flip out before.”

  1. “we already established what you are, now we are just haggling over the price” isn’t that how the old joke goes?

  2. I get the feeling from the second paragraph that he’s not really interested in an honest “debate”. More likely interested in editing the audio into an unrecognizable mess, or just shouting obscenities at you.

  3. Is this guy saying it’s BAD for women to be prostitutes or lap dancers? He sounds like a judgemental slut-shamer, just another part of the War on Women’s Choices. Shame, shame on him!

  4. Ugh, sorry, I posted my comment on the wrong post. Congrats again, if balled fists and leaking tears translate to democrat votes, you have doomed us all.

    1. Cam: it’s not just a trap, it’s an insultingly cheap trap. I swear to God, these people seem to think that everybody else in the Internet is stuck at their level.

  5. I think junior needs a vocab lesson. “You stop talking when I say stop talking.” That’s not a debate sparky.

  6. Maybe the women he mentions in his post can disabuse him of the notion that forty bucks for two hours is fair pay.

  7. I am still not very big so a hundred dollars for a debate plus expenses

    If a mute function is added then multiply by 1,000

    If a yes/no requirement is added then multiply by 1,000

    I also gain the right to record the whole thing as well.

    Of course while I am cheap I am not easy, this will be scheduled per my schedule.

    Ofc I am sure he would cite scheduling conflicts or something. Or something.

  8. That’s beyond insulting, even.

    Reminds me of the folks who used to write these incredible first posts on RedState, explaining that they’d graced us with their presence in order to teach us lowly right-wing slobs the truth. The huge posts typically came with stupid rules like these. They simply believed we were that far below them.

  9. Now, if this guy wants to ante up with Whiskey-A-Month Club membership, I’ll take all your overflow.

    What is it my Grandpa used to say?
    “Little minds have little wants…….”

    This guy could never be a target shooter. Aiming low seems to be a real strength with him.

  10. Isn’t Prostitution the “oldest profession?”

    Sounds to me that the ladies to which he refers have a job – of which I am fairly certain he is very familiar with.

    Which would explain the “$40 for two hours”… that is the going rate for his class of “lady friends” to spend two hours with him – or is it his hotel room rates?

    Math is hard….

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