#rsrh The REAL bad news for Obama about John Bryson’s ‘leave of absence.’

The news that Commerce Secretary Bryson will be taking a (presumably medical) leave of absence after a series of traffic accidents (including one hit-and-run) last weekend is in fact bad news for the President, but not for the reasons that Politico suggests.  After all, as Ed Morrissey notes, Commerce is not exactly a prominent Cabinet office and Bryson has not exactly been a notable – or even noticed – Secretary.  And while it’s true that Barack Obama’s month has started badly and does not look to be getting better any time soon, this entire event is fairly small beer.

No, the reason why this event is still bad news for the White House is simpler: it’s demonstrating that media organizations like Politico think that titles like “John Bryson’s leave of absence adds to Obama’s bad news” will drive traffic. former PA Governor Ed Rendell to the contrary, stories with this kind of slant suggest that the Media is looking forward to using its favorite story: The God Who Turned Out To Be A Man After All – with Barack Obama being the ‘hero’ of the story*.  At this rate, the President should start practicing his wistful and melancholic looks, since he’s going to need them for the inevitable and interminable retrospectives on his past time in office that will be springing up. 

Starting in, oh, 2014.

Moe Lane

*And make no mistake: there’s a part of Fast Eddie Rendell that’s really looking forward to seeing the guy that used the Media to hammer Rendell’s patroness in 2008 get hammered by the Media in his turn.  You think elephants never forget? Try a Northeastern politician with a legitimate grievance that he or she can’t resolve.  They don’t forget.  They brood.

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