And so begins the OGRE miniature painting process.

Before we go any further: remember, if you find this behavior to be pathetically yet hilariously geeky, entertainingly sad, and/or usefully time-wasting of me, you can encourage my folly via hitting the tip jar.

Now. Onto the photos!

Ogrethulhu. Grey primer. I expect a darkish-black green paintjob on this one, so went with the neutral primer.

Vatican Guard heavy and light tanks. White primer. The purple and gold color scheme from Ogre Miniatures is pretty garish, so I wanted to go with that, which I understand means white primer.

Anyway, I’ll be flipping these over and painting the undercarriages once the paint dries, then seeing if I need to do another coat (probably). I’ll paint the details… eventually, I guess. This is going to require a lot of practice, I understand, and I don’t have much in the way of miniatures to practice with…

4 thoughts on “And so begins the OGRE miniature painting process.”

  1. Looks good so far. When priming, do a couple of light coats as opposed to one heavy coat. It looks like you got a tad heavy with the gray, could just be the pictures though.
    Keep going…!

    1. Darkcloud: the grey’s pretty heavy. Hopefully, it won’t really hurt the dark black-green scheme that I’m planning for the Ogrethulhu.

  2. Moe are you going to keep posting on progress thru the job? Always loved the pictures of a work in progress.

  3. I figure that I’ll be doing at least a before-and-after. Also, I got the PanEuropean Fencer* in the mail today, so I’ll probably take pictures of that project, too.

    *Or, as I plan to rename it, the Popemobile.

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