RS Interview: Senator Mike Lee (R, UT).

We had originally hoped to talk with Senator Lee about Obamacare Obama’s health tax yesterday, but the unique – and, in some quarters, ever-so-slightly controversial – nature of the US Supreme Court decision made scheduling a touch complex.  Translation: BOOM went the (metaphorical) dynamite over at the Supreme Court, thus bringing us Chaos and Old Night f0r a while.

Fortunately, things were a bit calmer this morning, so I talked with the Senator for a bit about some aspects of the Obama health tax decision.

Download audio here

In other news: Mitt Romney raised $4.3 million dollars – whoops, make that $4.6 million – over the last day from the Supreme Court decision.  I’m given to understand that this represents something like thirty times their usual daily online take – and it’s small donor-driven, too: the average donation was $25. A very nice haul, in other words – and the Romney campaign didn’t particularly have to do anything to get it, either*.  Well, besides pointing out the exceptionally obvious point that Obamacare is a half trillion tax on the middle class.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*I will take the Obama campaign’s claim to have raised more cash more seriously, or in fact seriously at all, when they provide an actual number representing their online donations for the first twenty fours or so past the USSC decision.  So far, they’re refusing.

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