#rsrh Ah, Karma: WI-SEN Senator John Lehman (D) on borrowed political time.

Christian Schneider has the details, and they’re hysterical.  Short version: John Lehman is – assuming that he wins the various recall challenges – the new Democratic state senator for Wisconsin Senate District 21.  Small problem for Lehman, though: he’s eligible for recall himself a year from now.  Even worse: his district has been previously redrawn, the better to excise out the folks that voted for him in the last recall.  Basically, it works out like this:

If a small percentage of district residents (about 15,000 people) decide they want to hold a new election under the new map, they must simply wait until July 2013 to begin recalling Lehman. And if Lehman is recalled, he will lose the seat. According to the GOP’s demographic numbers, the new 21st Senate District is 57.5% Republican, while the old district was split evenly.

I really, really hope that Wisconsin Democrats truly enjoy the breeze that is coming out of the door that they’ve opened, here.  And I would like to gently remind them: it’s a little late to try to placate Wisconsin Republicans now.  You people threatened their families.  That’s not going to be forgiven in a hurry.

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “#rsrh Ah, Karma: WI-SEN Senator John Lehman (D) on borrowed political time.”

  1. What’s the constitutional amendment process in WI? Seems the recall process is due for a revision.

  2. Argues: Knock off a few of the Dem low-hanging fruit and they’ll supply all the help needed to amend the recall process. Until then, any party that flees the state in an attempt to short-circuit the democratic process should get what it deserves. Game theory, karma, what goes around, and all that.

  3. But isn’t the WI senate flipping back to Republican this fall anyway due to redistricting?

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