#rsrh MSNBC calls NAACP a bunch of racists!

…Which is, of course, a thoroughly nasty thing to say about the organization.  Are there individuals in the NAACP who are racist?  Without a doubt; some people plain just don’t like other people who don’t look like them.  And there are going to be people out there who can hide attitudes like that under various guises (including, alas, the venerable Democratic trick of finding a convenient Republican/conservative target, and unleashing a full torrent of racialized/ethnicized/sexualized venom upon her [usually her]).  But for MSNBC to argue that Mitt Romney went out to the NAACP to appeal to the racists in their ranks is just downright appalling… hold up, I’m getting a clarification over my ear mike.


OhhhhhMSNBC is actually claiming that Romney spoke to the NAACP in order to appeal to white racists.

Riiiight. Apparently the goal was to get booed over Obamacare, which will allegedly resonate with racists. Which is very interesting, because from what I could tell yesterday the people who most obsessed over Romney getting booed were members of… the media. Conservatives and Republicans mostly took away from the event a knowledge that Romney had actually racked up style points (including some grudging ones) for going before a hostile audience and reminding them that the Democratic party sucks when it comes to minority job creation and education; and while the boos over Obamacare were noted, so was the applause for opposition to same-sex marriage, and the standing ovation at the end.

Which last probably explains the sudden diversity rainbow in that MSNBC clip above. Lawrence O’Donnell doesn’t really work for a network that’s historically known for its range of melanin skin colors. He apparently can, though, find people of the appropriate hue who excel at telling white liberals precisely what they want to hear. There really should be a name for people like that…

Moe Lane

PS: I sometimes get the impression that MSNBC tells itself these little stories in order to make them feel better about not being a larger ‘news’ network. I also sometimes get the impression that MSNBC doesn’t believe any of this junk any more than I do; but they know that pretending to believe in it is, in fact, a living. It all depends on how much coffee I’ve had in the morning.

8 thoughts on “#rsrh MSNBC calls NAACP a bunch of racists!”

  1. Assuming that there is large white racist voting block, wouldn’t Romney already have their vote, considering Obama is not white? Or is that too obvious?

  2. @earlgrey – when has common sense or obviousness had anything to do with @MSNBC?


  3. To the black MSNBC commentoress, excuse me, Mitt Romney did talk about education, and the democratics chronic preference over panding to eductation unions at the expense of black school children. Shame you didn’t review your DNC talking points before going on air.

    Romney did well. I would have prefered had he talked about abortion, the democrat plan to kill unborn black babies,and gun control, the democrat plan to kill blacks who somehow manage to avoid being aborted.

  4. @acat, you’re right of course. It is just that the class warfare part of me resents that these phonies get paid so handsomely for saying so many utterly stupid things. How did our national dialogue get to be this bad? Is it that people are just stupid and easily led or conservatives have been shamed into silence for so long that libs feel like they can say anything?

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