Gallup: (nervously looking around) …DOOM?

Gallup did a voter enthusiasm poll, and the results are either gorgeous or hideous, depending on how you look at them.  Essentially, it goes like this:

  • In 2004, Democratic voter enthusiasm was at 68% and Republican voter enthusiasm was at 51%.  The GOP happened to win that election, sort-of kind of in a squeaker; then again, this poll is of adults, so you can expect a skew towards the Democrats.
  • In 2008, the Democrats dropped to 61%… and the Republicans plummeted to 35%.  The GOP proceeded to lose that election, and not in a squeaker.  It was, in fact, almost a rout.
  • And today, in 2012?  The Democrats’ voter enthusiasm is 39%… while the Republicans are back to 51%.

Gallup didn’t want to say this, but I don’t mind doing it: yes, that means that the Democratic electorate may be talking up a good game right now … but if John Freaking Kerry was to walk into the room and take command right now a lot of that electorate might be breathing a sigh of relief.  Folks were certainly happier to vote for him, back in the day…

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PS: In case you’re wondering; enthusiasm is probably going to pick up in the next few months… but enthusiasm is still lower overall when compared to 2004 and 2008. And note the use of the term ‘overall.’


11 thoughts on “Gallup: (nervously looking around) …DOOM?”

  1. A couple more months of listening to BO’s electioneering crap, and trust me, GOP enthusiasm will go higher – as in crawl-over-broken-glass higher.

  2. They’d also be a lot happier voting for that guy they ran in 2008. Bet they wish he was the president, instead of the clown they actually have…

  3. I am more worried about the enthusiasm of the dead and illegal that the dems have registered, pretty sure it’s approaching 100%

  4. Taking the long view, we’re living through an era (like others in history) where emotions are high, and the nation isn’t particularly happy. Hopefully Romney and the Republicans are poised to make a difference, but let’s remember that they are also benefiting this round from the way this thing has been swinging back and forth over the past 12 years. Let’s just say that even if the Republicans score a huge set of wins in November, we should avoid writing about a “permanent conservative majority.” Maybe it’s happening, but it seems just as likely the nation is simply thrashing around trying to find an answer.

  5. More importantly, what was the voter enthusiasm for 2010? This election is going to look a lot more like 2010 than 2004 or 2008.

  6. And it appears that Republicans don’t get that enthusiastic about politicians while Democrats do.

  7. There’s also a chance here, I guess, that folks on the D side are just saying that nothing could ever be as exciting as the Messiah versus Bush.

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