Hey, you want to hear some careers blighting?

This gets more play, then the reporters featured in it are going to be haunted by this for the rest of their professional lives.

And the awful thing is, it’ll be by their own colleagues.  It’s that vicious.

Then again, nobody put a gun to their heads and made them screech questions.

2 thoughts on “Hey, you want to hear some careers blighting?”

  1. Eh, I doubt it Moe. I don’t think most reporters see anything wrong there. I mean, is there a single member of the White House Pool that wouldn’t have asked, “other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the show?’

  2. I don’t know Skip. It was real low class behavior, and that really bothers the social climbers who dream of being our masters. Remember when the Clintons stole all that furniture from the White House, and how upset all the beautiful people were? They were ok with the Bill Jobs, the possible Rapes (To quote Whoopie, “It was not Rape Rape”), but stealing furniture is something Trailer Trash does. I’m pretty sure it cost Hillary the nomination…..

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