#rsrh The Chinese want us to be harder on Israel.

I’m a little surprised that Allahpundit (I’m guessing) didn’t write that headline himself: it’s so blatantly obvious, right?  Anyway, heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Tom Friedman!

I’ll make this quick. I have one question and one observation about Mitt Romney’s visit to Israel. The question is this: Since the whole trip was not about learning anything but about how to satisfy the political whims of the right-wing, super pro-Bibi Netanyahu, American Jewish casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, why didn’t they just do the whole thing in Las Vegas? I mean, it was all about money anyway — how much Romney would abase himself by saying whatever the Israeli right wanted to hear and how big a jackpot of donations Adelson would shower on the Romney campaign in return. Really, Vegas would have been so much more appropriate than Jerusalem. They could have constructed a plastic Wailing Wall and saved so much on gas.

I’ll make this quick: I’m sincerely doubting that getting Tom Friedman’s vote is something that would have been high on Mitt Romney’s list of priorities.  Tom Friedman’s spluttering, on the other hand, is one of those small but useful things that the candidate would have been looking for.  Thanks for obliging!

Moe Lane

PS: No, I don’t know why Friedman sneered at a swing state that’s already kind of ticked at Obama already, either.  Because he’s Tom Friedman, and thus does not understand that which he does?

6 thoughts on “#rsrh The Chinese want us to be harder on Israel.”

  1. I would ask why an obvious idiot like Friedman has a column anywhere but then I noticed New York Times which kind of explains everything.

  2. When Friedman is whining, it’s 99% certain that you’re doing it right. 🙂

  3. Once a columnist (or politician) expresses their preference for one-party dictatorship, everything they write should be followed by a disclaimer referring to that.

  4. “Add on top of that, the increasing role of money in U.S. politics …”

    My God! When did that happen?! This Friedman character is one sharp cookie to have discerned a trend that completely escaped the notice of the rest of us!

    “This, in turn, has created a culture in Washington where State Department officials, not to mention politicians, are reluctant to even state publicly what is U.S. policy — that settlements are “an obstacle to peace” — for fear of being denounced as anti-Israel.”

    Here’s a dirty little secret of Middle East politics: It’s unacceptable to the “diplomatic community” to have Jewish settlements in the captured territories, because the Arabs in charge of the West Bank and Gaza insist on keeping their lands Judenrein. Israel has hundreds of thousands of Arab citizens, and the “international community” is telling them they have to take in hundreds of thousands more “refugees” if the “peace process” is to go any further. (Sorry about all the sneer quotes, but some things deserve sneers.) Yet Jews cannot be allowed to live in the Mohammedan West Bank or in Gaza, and if any of them tried to settle there they would be killed.

    “Stop making things even worse by telling the most hard-line Israelis everything that they want to hear, just to grovel for Jewish votes and money …”

    … especially when it’s so much more dignified to grovel before the people who want to destroy us.

  5. The lefty anti-semitism rearing it’s snarling head these days is breathtaking. Funny how that coincides with Jewish voters liking the Conservative message. Pelosi’s valentine the other day was nearly as vile.

  6. Lourae – “these days”? Left has always been like that. Go back as far as you want. Tell me when they were any good. And the top scums are highly regarded by left. e.g. Louis Farrakhan … he was there to safeguard Chicago by the mayor. Can you believe the crap?

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