#rsrh So. Obama hates Romney on a *visceral* level.

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Interesting, if true.  I think that it is: it would explain why Obama unraveled twenty years of careful political persona development in four months.  However, while I think that Glenn Thrush may be correct in the symptoms of Obama’s hatred of Romney I suspect that he – and everybody else, since I feel like being quite appallingly arrogant – has gotten the wrong idea of the diagnosis of Romney’s hatred.  I think that it’s very simple: it’s not that Mitt Romney was born rich, gave it away, and got rich again that infuriates Barack Obama so.

It’s that Mitt Romney had a father who loved him.

And that is a thought that fills me with a terrible pity towards Barack H. Obama, Jr.

Moe Lane

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  1. I’ll feel pity for Obama when he’s out of office.

    Save your pity. I’m pretty sure that Barack Obama will be so rotten an EX-president as to make Jimmy Carter and Ramsey Clark look like my-country-right-or-wrong jingoists.

  2. Yeah, we get to watch while Obumble works out his psychiatric issues in real time in the most powerful office in the world. Most abandoned children who hated the world would just suck on a 9mm. Would that we could be so lucky.

  3. Actually, unless it’s on a TOTUS cue card, I’d be shocked Obama even knows Romney gave all the money from his inheritance away and then made it back. Or even if he does, figures Mitt was part of some ‘insiders club’ that greased the skids for him in a way that made it predestined that Staples and other companies Bain took over were going to succeed.

    But the president is an insecure egotist – bitter at those who he thinks got the best things in life (including a full-time dad, though you’d never, ever get him to admit this means a standard nuclear family is better than alternative lifestyle/single mom parenting). And he’s also one who is brave among a crowd of his followers, but cowardly in face-to-face confrontations, which is why he can snipe at Romney from afar but can’t even tolerate dealing with Boehner or any other Republican in things like the debt ceiling negotiations.

  4. PD Quig, gonna say this once, I broke three of my Daddies Ribs, back when I was 14 and I Loved My Dad. A few years later my Dad got caught between a fully loaded pop truck and a forklift and it didn’t do as much damage to him as I did. Start fooling with peoples Daddy issues you will wind up living a very short life, not a threat, just saying a fact, there are some places you do not want to go and some things you do not want to speak. I suggest you grow the hell UP! NOW! Thing’s are getting bad and there no room for error! That’s just how people are. We humans are not rational creatures, sorry if you thought otherwise.

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