“Obama That I Used To Know.”

I want you to watch this video (via The Blaze, via AoSHQ Headlines)…

(for those without video: it’s a dang good political parody of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know*)

…and I want you to contemplate this: the people who made that video are neither Republicans nor conservatives (they didn’t like Palin and they don’t like Romney).  They are, in fact, criticizing Obama from the Left.  And they spent time, resources, and creativity making this video, instead of doing something that might actually get Barack Obama reelected**.  This entertains me, because all the creative people on our side are busy doing their best to actually, well, win.

Guess how that kind of creative competition ends?  No, go ahead: guess.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Great song, by the way. Although I like this version.

**Admittedly, the fact that apparently neither person in the video got around to voting for Obama in 2008 weakens that argument a touch.  But only a touch; after all, it just reinforces the point that at this moment in American history the Obama administration has become one of the forces of reaction trying to protect its crumbling place of privilege, or whatever the buzz phrase is that will cause Marxists to develop a  sudden case of acute alcoholism.

6 thoughts on ““Obama That I Used To Know.””

  1. “Sometimes I think a Peace Prize winner shouldn’t have a kill list…”
    Choke on that, liberals.

  2. Daniel, One small victory at a time. All the video has to do it be the final nail that keeps a 2008 Obama voter from going to the polls this time around. We don’t even need their vote (although that would be nice), just their non-vote for the other side is enough.

  3. I was thinking the same thing as I watched it. If it had been from a truly conservative point of view it would have been different criticisms all together.

    here is my favorite version.

    that star wars take is a riot as well.

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