@Fausta raises an excellent point.

Not the shirtless thing – I’m frankly indifferent, although Democrats worrying about Paul Ryan’s physical appearance are probably worrying about the wrong thing – but the entire ‘make some cash off of this P90X’ thing.  So here you go:

I cannot recommend it one way or the other, given that I am stout and out of shape; but I’ll cheerfully sell it to you and get my cut. Because, hey, why not?

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “@Fausta raises an excellent point.”

  1. I’ll recommend it, but you need to be in some sort of okay shape to do it. It’s not for beginners (Moe can put up a Power 90 link maybe?)

  2. I’ve attempted twice. A bit gear intensive so I couldn’t fully participate. Doing Insanity now (basically really high impact Aerobics) which requires little to no gear (I even do it barefoot).

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