#rsrh I do not worry about an Obama Cleveland scenario…

…that being a “Obama loses in 2012, goes away for four years, and runs again” kind of situation.  And I do not worry about it because of two words: Al. Gore.  To be highly accurate, yet brutally honest, about it… in 2001 Al Gore more or less had a psychotic break in response to the stunning news that the people did not understand that Gore had been designed by his father to lead America to a brave new future.  Not being a clinical psychologist – heck, I had to look up ‘psychosis’ in Wikipedia – I can’t really say that this explains Gore’s steady erosion ever since; but, speaking as a partisan political hack… oh, yeah, the guy totally wigged  out and is in the middle of a death spiral to full-bore madness.

And I think that something similar might happen to Barack Obama, once he loses.  If it does not – and I don’t actually like seeing people go clinically insane – it will probably be mostly due to the anchors of his family, particularly his wife.  But even if Obama does not go Full Metal Gore, he is going to do and say some dumb, yet personally things that will make sure that they do not tap him in 2016. And by 2020 Obama will be stale, stale, stale.

Note that this all assumes that Barack Obama won’t find being an ex-President more congenial than being a serving one.  I understand that you retain most of your old social status, keep none of the soul-killing responsibilities, and it becomes incredibly hard for you to buy your own food and drink…

Moe Lane

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  1. Don’t forget EX-presidents get to play golf – a *LOT* of golf. And no one bitches about it.

  2. I think Obama will take over the duties of “Reverend” Wright, and will lead Trinity United Methodist into depths of bigotry and anger rarely before plumbed.

  3. I think that once the initial bitterness of rejection wears off, Barack Obama will find himself quite amenable to the golf course/cocktail circuit/book tour life of the (Democratic) ex-president. Gore never had his four years in the sun, and I think that makes all the difference.

  4. There’s another reason I don’t think he would come back. Every election up entil now has been easy and handed to him (with the possible exception of defeating Hilary). He has to fight for this one and it full of people who openly disagree with him. Its not fun for him and he has a very short fuse. If he loses I think he will be soured somewhat on politics and gravitate to some other forum where everyone is in agreement that he’s the greatest. I think he enjoys the winning, but not the fight.

  5. @DanB .. only if the stuff that Obama has to know to be POTUS but the UN *shouldn’t* know can be extracted from his brain….

    Remember when everyone thought Bubba Clinton wanted to be SecGen?


  6. Always figured he would want to be SecGen of UN, a blowhard position with no really value

  7. Carter was/is pretty much ignored because he lost. The media will give Obama the same treatment. No more adulation but not much criticism as well. Next year the headlines will be about President Romney’s extremely high 6.5% unemployment, $16 trillion debt and how he is using predator drones to kill poor, misunderstood Muslims.

  8. I suspect if Obama loses the election the libs will declare that it is purely because Obama was a lousy campaigner/manager/whatever and nothing to do with the positions they were advocating. Gore got a lot of that in 2001.

  9. Maybe he’ll go back to Harvard and finish his degree. Let this be the first post saying that no one has yet seen his diploma.

    Over/under is he’s six hours short.

  10. Imagine if Jimmy Carter and Ramsey Clark got together and had a son. That son would look a lot like Barack Obama after he leaves the White House.

  11. To Rob Crawford: So ‘Kenya’ could be in the offing for Barry?
    Heard thru the grapevine he’s got ‘Connections’ there.

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