#rsrh @stefcutter: GOP Deep Cover Operative?

Via @RyanGOP comes this gem from Obama’s Deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter.  Context: CNN wanted to know why the heck Barack Obama hasn’t done a press conference in two months, and was instead sitting down with Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine. Cutter’s response?

The Fix sums up the clip nicely (if not intentionally): “Obama adviser says People magazine ‘equally important’ as political media.” And it is… to the Obama campaign.  After all, why should the President care if the news shows are mad? It won’t have any real effect on their coverage of him anyway.

This would be tragic, except that I’ve never learned the trick of respecting people or groups who refuse to respect themselves.  Does the Media want better access from the President?  Easily done: demand it.  And then they should shut out his surrogates until he complies.  And if the Media’s worried about balance… heh. I’m sure that they can find some unofficial advocates that will be happy to talk about how much they just love Obama, in between ranting about the Bilderbergers and 9/11 conspiracies…

2 thoughts on “#rsrh @stefcutter: GOP Deep Cover Operative?”

  1. Pretty unimpressed with the media whining. Whoever starts investigating and seriously questioning this Administration on recent national security leaks might merit a look. Then again it was The National Enquirer that finally broke through on John Edwards so who’s to stay ET can’t do the same.

  2. “‘Rock and roll can save the world’? The chicks are great’? I sound like a dick!”
    “You are a dick.”

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